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"King"  Rama V

His majesty the King Chulalongkorn is one of our most important kings . The most important thing he did is abolish slavery but he also did many other reforms in order to modernize the country.  The King’s reforms, which involved almost every aspect of Thai life, included the abolition of slavery, the expansion of the communication system through the construction of railways, the establishment of post and telegraph services and the creation of a ministerial system in 1892. In addition, the King also established a variety of public utilities, particularly in the fields of health and education. 
 Thai people also believed in the King’s miraculous power of bringing good luck and prosperity to the person who pays respect to him. Thus, the King’s picture is found in almost every Thai restaurants overseas.

Meet The Team

Suriya has been House Manager of Chang Noi by Chef Ku since October 2016.  He was born and raised in "Khon Kaen" the biggest city of North East in Thailand which is known of Historical Cultures, Amazing Food Flair and Thai Top Celebrities Hometown.  He moved to Toronto with his family of a lovely wife who was Usa's childhood neighbor and two adorable boys in 2009.  He had been working and developing his career in restaurant business since then.  His wife and Suriya decided to move again to St.Catharines after visiting couple times.  They fell in love with people, community and garden.  Please welcome him to OUR Garden City !!!

Kit (Kittitat)

Kit was born on Samui Island, one of the world beach island destination in Thailand.  He had spent his seven years in Perth, Australia and kangaroo friends during his middle and high school years.  He decided to run away from the strong Sunny days to cool down in St.Catharines, Canada in May 2013.  He will complete his bachelor degree at Niagara College in 2018.   He had been working side by side, observing Passion and developing his culinary skills from his uncle "Chef Ku".  Today ... he is taking over the TREASURE of Passion.  Please enjoy his TREASURE!!!

James Doe

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Ping (Suriya)

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